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Root Control Barrier: Strong Roots, Healthy Trees.

Trees can cause unintended damage. Even with all they bring to today’s cityscapes – higher property values, decreased storm water runoff and reduced heat island effects – a poorly planned and maintained tree becomes costly over time, with unrestrained tree root growth creating hazardous cracked sidewalks, foundations, and underground infrastructure. City maintenance departments and homeowners are faced with costly repair projects that can damage trees or lead to their removal.

BIOBARRIER is root control solution that protects landscape installations. Examples include sidewalks, underground pipe, swimming pools, cemeteries, tennis courts, building foundations, and more.

BIOBARRIER is available in a variety of roll sizes to fit any project. 

BIOBARRIER is Good For Trees

  • Stops growth – no girdling
  • Permeable to H20 & nutrients
  • Flexible- Surround/vertical/horizontal
  • Non-systemic
  • Healthy root system
  • Redirected roots send energy to other parts of tree

The Permeable Solution 

BIOBARRIER root control system stops damaging root growth and remains permeable to air, water and nutrients to encourage tree health. BIOBARRIER inhibits root growth and minimizes root girdling at the barrier wall, training the plant to send energy to uninhibited parts of the root system. Quick and easy to install, the flexible fabric design can fit any project shape or dimension, including vertical, horizontal and surround installations. Composed of a non-systemic herbicide that will not affect the plant or surrounding vegetation, BIOBARRIER provides guaranteed root protection for 15 years.