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       Smart Ditch                               BioBarrier                          





Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion Control Blankets and Turf Reinforcement Mats are effective ways to reduce erosion and promote growth of vegetation on bare soil surfaces. ERS is a stocking distributor of biodegradable, photodegradable or non-degradable blanket choices specific to each project or specification. Contact ERS to help determine what product will be most beneficial for your project. 

Straw Erosion Control Blanket
Single Net
Double Net
Biodegradable Net

Straw/Coconut Erosion Control Blanket 
Double Net
Biodegradable Net

Coconut Erosion Control Blanket
Double Net
Biodegradable Net

Landlok Turf Reinforcement Mat
Permanent Non-Degradable

Pyramat Turf Reinforcement Mat
Permanent Non-Degradable

Gabion, Reno Mattresses, Green Terramesh Units

Maccaferri Gabions, Reno Mattresses and Terramesh retaining wall systems are a great solution to reinforce steep slopes and embankments.  Gabions do not necessarily have to be a hard armor look - contact ERS to hear about a “green gabion” option. Shorelines and rockfall protection are another opportunity for our woven wire mesh material to help with erosion issues.

Galvanized or PVC coated
Reno mattresses
Galvanized or PVC coated
Terramesh Wall System

Geogrid, Geotextiles, Paving Fabric

Geosynthetics are used to provide stability, reinforcement and separation for soils. Geogrids are very effective in stabilizing driveways and roadways. Paving fabrics are another geotextile available to help add to the lifespan of parking lots or roadway pavement. Another option to help stop pavement cracking is a peel and stick membrane available in a 1’ and 3’ width. 

Erosion Resources and Supply has seven different weights of nonwoven and woven geotextiles as well as two types of High Performance fabrics and geogrids for road stabilization in stock. All geotextiles and geogrids in stock are made in the USA and are DOT approved. See the NEWS article for the latest list of INDOT & KYDOT approved fabrics. 

Geotextile Fabric
High Performance
Paving Fabric

Sediment Control

Sediment Control is an important part of any construction site.  Different jobsites require different products to be effective. Erosion Resources & Supply can offer many different options to keep onsite soils where they belong - onsite! Call and let our experienced staff help you meet local requirements with the most effective sediment control products.

Silt Fence


Erosion Eels

Coir Mat
Rock Bag
Mulch Bag
Dewatering Bag
IPP Inlet Filter
Pre and Post Construction



Cellular Confinement

Cellular confinement is a versatile product that can be used for load support as well as protection from erosion in channels and on slopes.  Cellular confinement products are well suited for temporary or permanent roadways, trails and walkways, green parking, spillways, culvert outfalls and low water crossings. 



Drainage projects can be as simple as a gutter downspout adapter or as complex as an underground storm retention system. Erosion Resources is a stocking distributor of a large number of drainage products and we would be happy to help with any project - large or small.

Drainage, Sewer, Water Pipe and fittings
Drain basin/ Drain boxes
Channel Drains

Miscellaneous Fasteners/Fabric Pins  

From Duckbill Anchor systems to sod staples - Erosion Resources has an option in stock to help with your jobsite needs.